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Practical BigQuery

A complete online training from your first query to optimization to monitoring

What you'll learn
Who is this intended for?
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Cloud Architects
Curated by

Lakshmanan, worked in multiple projects for more than 13 years. Have been hands-on with BigQuery and have effectively implemented from enterprises to startups, across industry verticals.

The Plan
Day 1
  •   BigQuery basics and features
  •   How BigQuery stores data
  •   Exploring BQ console
  •   BQ architecture and Query execution stages
  •   Query external data source(s) within BQ
  •   Recover deleted data using Snapshots
  •   Run Scheduled Queries
  •   Transferring data from Amazon s3 without code
  •   Understanding how BQ Pricing works
  •   Methods for controlling cost

Day 2
  •   How to do access control in BigQuery
  •   How to create Authorized views and when to use
  •   How to work with Nested Fields
  •   BQ Partitioning and Clustering
  •   Logging and Monitoring
  •   Best practices for optimizing query performance


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