TransCloud analyzed and optimized an open-source issue tracking system being used by the growing team of developers and testers in the organization.

epiFi Technologies
Cloud Optimization, Open-source


The Company builds India’s first neo bank for salaried millennials called Fi money. Fi Money is a full-stack mobile-first neo bank with features like an intelligent assistant #AskFi, Stash, FiT rules and more. The app comes with a smart, zero balance savings account and features that help you get better with your money.

The company uses Google’s open-source issue tracking system called Monorail for its product across teams. The issue tracking system is deployed in Google Cloud. While the system was installed and configured for use, it was not optimized for the cost. Given the product team’s focus is on their business deliverables and roadmap, they worked with Transcloud as their extended team to assess and optimize the system.


Reduce the cloud infrastructure cost without affecting the experience and performance degradation

Extend the open-source system(Monorail) to integrate with Slack to receive notifications on issue updates


  • 20% cost savings in 2-weeks of time
  • Analyzed the system, logs, metrics and came up with the best possible solution
  • Reduced latency by moving the system to the closest region
  • Built the CD pipeline with Jenkins and Cloud Build to streamline the future deployments
  • Extended the open-source system with Slack integration

Technical Excellence

  • Analyzed and understood the open-source issue tracking system. 
  • Analyzed the current configurations, logs, metrics
  • Created a parallel setup and tested the changes and behaviour
  • Implemented the changes in a new setup with the whole system migrated to the closer cloud region
  • Standardized the deployment with Jenkins and Cloud Build based CD pipeline
  • Made changes to the current open-source system to extend the capability to send Slack notifications for the issue updates.