TransCloud built and architected the resilient and highly customized learning management system using Google Cloud and open-source technologies.

Aspirant Desk
Application Development, Data Migration, Managed Service


Aspirant Desk is an e-learning platform whose focus is to assist NEET Super Speciality aspirants. It helps the users with tailored materials, test series, online live video classes, etc., on sophisticated topics.

Aspirant Desk started up in 2018 as a web-based mock-test platform with very minimal features for users and administrators. As the adoption increased and the need increased, they wanted to build a robust LMS as a platform to support different kinds of courses and test series.


Aspirant Desk engaged TransCloud to build and implement LMS with a rich feature set to support their business and product needs. The LMS is required to be deployed architecturally scalable and easy to maintain in order to expand the business model to cover a wider range of user base and to support building mobile-based applications in future through APIs.


  • Feature-rich Learning Management System Facilitated Cloud adoption for the start-up in a short span of time
  • Most optimal infrastructure spending
  • Reduced complexity in scaling and ease of maintenance
  • Migrated the data to the new LMS for seamless and uninterrupted access

Technical Excellence

  • Analysed all the components required in the product to decide base minimum infrastructure to support varied demands
  • Standardized and provisioned separate development and production environment
  • Migrated the data from the old system to new LMS Provisioned for Autoscaling, Load balancer and Private and secure cloud networking Implemented
  • Standardized and Automated way of launching, configuring, backing up and decommissioning the application stack
  • Single window monitoring of resources, application performance, and service availability, which can provide escalated notifications
  • Automated a few other redundant tasks like reporting and email-notifications
  • Various Google Cloud services are used such as Google Cloud Storage, Compute Engine VM, Cloud Functions, Cloud Scheduler, Cloud SQL, Cloud Memorystore, Cloud CDN, Cloud DNS, Global Load Balancer, Cloud IAM, Logging and Monitoring.