Assess, architect and migrate the SaaS product to Google Cloud with cloud-native and serverless services, along with CI/CD delivery pipelines to standardize the deployments.

FinTech, SaaS
Application Modernization, Heroku Migration, CI/CD


Agrya is a FinTech organization that provides solutions for vCFO, accounting hub and business support services. Their SaaS product ActionBoard integrates with accounting software and manages financial reporting, receivables, payments, cash flow, etc., The product provides end-to-end financial visibility for businesses.

The SaaS product has started evolving to cater to various needs of the users. The application has started growing and Heroku as a platform didn’t scale flexibly and doesn’t natively support analytics workloads, AI/ML services or centralized monitoring, etc., The team was open to exploring serverless options provided by Google Cloud and scale as the user base increases.


Agrya engaged TransCloud to migrate from Heroku and Google Cloud serverless services like App Engine and Cloud Run, make the application more performant and cost-efficient. Reduce operational & maintenance tasks and provide a scalable and effective architecture for the product demands.


  • Improved user experience with 5x reduced latency.
  • Database IO operations increased by 15x.
  • Cloud costs reduced up to 20%.
  • Empowers developers with single-window monitoring of the cloud services.

Technical Excellence

  • Analysed all the components in the product to decide base minimum infrastructure to support the product requirements
  • Migrated the database from Heroku to Google Cloud managed Cloud SQL
  • Migrated and modernized the application from Heroku to Cloud Run and AppEngine
  • Standardized and provisioned separate development and production environment
  • Implemented Autoscaling, Multi-regional approach, Load balancer and Private cloud networking
  • Built CD pipelines for seamless release automation from the source repository
  • Single Window Monitoring of Server Resources, Application Performance, and Service Availability, which can provide escalated notifications
  • Adopted serverless and managed services in Google Cloud for ease of maintenance
  • Automated deployments and a few other redundant tasks
  • Various Google Cloud services are used such as Google App Engine, Cloud Run, Compute Engine VM, Cloud SQL, Cloud Memorystore, Cloud Build, Cloud DNS, Global Load Balancer, Cloud IAM, Google Container Registry, Logging and Monitoring.