TransCloud migrated and modernized the SaaS application to adopt Kubernetes and Google Cloud along with the end to end delivery pipeline of Shortlist, and made the application robust and thereby improve the overall application performance

Aspirant Desk
HR, Recruitment
Application Modernization, Database Migration, Multi-Cloud


Shortlist is a recruiting agency that helps companies build their team with top talent and partners with more than 500 companies. It offers to find and manage talents, screen candidates and the candidate management portal through their products and services.

Shortlist was facing challenges and limitations by adopting AWS ECS(Elastic Container Service) for multiple applications with a high degree of complexity. There were multiple micro-services spread across the infrastructure, and they felt it was high-time to adopt open-source(Kubernetes) as a strategy which would ideally make them not being locked or dependent on one cloud provider in a longer-term.


Shortlist engaged TransCloud to migrate and adopt Kubernetes for the application, make the application more performant, implement endto-end CD pipeline, reduce operational & maintenance tasks, and provide flexible, and effective architecture for various product demands.


  • Docker and Google Kubernetes Engine based deployment for all micro-services
  • Migrate the entire product stack to GCP in a short span of time
  • Reduced overall infrastructure spending
  • Reduced latency and ease of maintenance

Technical Excellence

  • Analysed all the components in the product to decide base minimum infrastructure to support varied demands
  • Migrated all the existing components in AWS to Google Cloud Migrated from MongoDB Atlas to self-managed MongoDB
  • Standardized and provisioned separate development, QA and production environment
  • Implemented Autoscaling, Multi-regional approach, Load balancer and Private cloud networking
  • Implemented Standardized and Automated way of launching, configuring, backing up and decommissioning the application stack
  • Single Window Monitoring of Server Resources, Application Performance, and Service Availability, which can provide escalated notifications
  • Integrated Docker & Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE) for all micro-services & applications
  • Automated deployments and a few other redundant tasks
  • Various Google Cloud services are used such as Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Compute Engine VM, Cloud Functions, Cloud SQL, Cloud Memorystore, Cloud CDN, Cloud DNS, Global Load Balancer, Cloud IAM, Google Container Registry, Logging and Monitoring.