TransCloud migrated the entire application stack from AWS to GCP and adopted the best practices to achieve 45% cost reduction

Cloud Migration, Application Development, Managed Service


ShipEasy is a logistics marketplace which lets consumers post their shipment and allows verified transporters to provide their best prices and services. It runs an algorithm on every shipment posted to provide top-rated transporters to view your shipment and quote various services for your shipment. It is a systematic, accountable and transparent logistics marketplace.

The product was deployed and managed in Amazon AWS cloud. The client had to optimize their cloud expenditure on all fronts. The servers were downgraded to save some money but it didn’t serve the purpose as it degrades the application performance. The client wanted to reduce the costs without affecting the performance and efficiency of their services. While the cost was one major factor, they want to rely on a more reliable cloud platform for their new features to be implemented in the product.


As a cloud product engineering team specialized in building and optimizing workloads in the cloud, we understood the way their application is built and its various dependencies. Prepared a detailed migration plan and kick-started the project within a few days.

  • Migrated all the services and components to GCP
  • All DB servers are migrated to Cloud SQL
  • Right-sized the VMs based on the usage pattern Reduced overall infrastructure spending
  • Centralized logging and monitoring made possible
  • Made the storage and processing scalable based on usage
  • Static assets are server through Cloud Storage
  • Backups are configured and stored Application caching is made robust and scalable
  • Secured the application with Google Cloud’s VPC network and firewall