Data Warehouse
Fully-Automated, Auto-Scalable and Highly-Available

The data warehouses serve as the backbone to make many decisions for more than 3 decades now. In a Data Warehouse, the data from many different sources are brought to a central location and then gets translated into a format the Data Warehouse can process and store. It stores corporate information and data from many live systems and a wide range of other data resources. It supports the decision-making process through data collection, consolidation, analytics, and research.

The businesses are evolving, the ecosystem is changing and the business models are changing to adopt the more and more possibilities at the current scenario. For example, the channels to the customers have increased, attribution methods are evolved, data from so many systems are required to be effective.

Some of the key benefits will be,

  • Centralized Data Management
  • Increased Data Quality
  • Better experience overall
  • Unified 360 degree view
  • Facilitate downstream systems
  • Organized and disambiguate data

The most optimum approach to adopt for building data warehouses is through managed services in the cloud. There is no more infrastructure limitation as you can plan any number of new source systems to collect data and analyze. With modern cloud based systems, the data warehouses can be more real-time, more reliable and more stable. Gone are the days the data processing takes more than a day before reaching the warehouse to make the data available for downstream systems. With the newer cloud technologies, it is even possible to build a fully automated near real-time data warehouse.

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