Media Repository
Scalable and Fault-tolerant

Centralized digital media repository in the current age is becoming critical for many businesses. The media repository helps you in managing your content for a long run with less hassles. Though repository provides you the capacity to store, it cannot be just seen as a storage. The storage should be coupled with some of the very essential features to ensure the system is intact and serving the purpose.

When a repository is established and brought into practice, it provides a way to centrally manage the content in a more structured way depending upon the organization needs. The system should also be capable of establishing access rights to a set of common users based on their roles like creator, editor, publisher, etc.,

It is also required to keep the data secured and backed up to ensure there is no data loss at any cause. The data is better to be replicated across regions, so it helps to save the data even from natural calamity and unexpected disasters. Data security must be ensured on multiple levels to avoid any breach and monitoring and alerting should be set around it to ensure it gets our attention when something happen of that sort.

  • Versioning
  • Access control
  • Life cycle management
  • Accessibility
  • Search
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Cacheing
  • Integration
  • Archival

The data resides in the repository should be accessible through various channels for different kind of users like administrators, publishers, creative teams, etc., It should also have the capability to get integrated with other systems. This greatly helps the team to integrate and automate some of the essential workflows for the efficiency.

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