Pixel Tracking
Server-less and Efficient

Tracking pixels lets advertiser or an advertising agency to understand how their audiences are responding. While they work towards reaching the right and maximum audiences with the budget allocated, these pixels gives them the ability to track them.

Often times, the limitation for such pixel tracking servers is to deal with the costs even when the resources are not fully utilized, latency when the servers are receiving a sudden and temporary increase in the traffic, highly available to keep tracking throughout the day.

Relying on the serverless cloud infrastructure is one smart decision that can be taken, it also provides the team to increase/decrease the campaign based on the needs. The infra can auto-scale and keep the service in a stable state.

The general way of achieving it is by adding a small code/tag as part of the web page/email/material which calls a URL hosted in the backend. Such requests are received along with the parameters to be tracked.

With the managed services in the cloud, one can get their own pixel tracking implemented with full flexibility and being cost-effective. You won’t get restricted by the limited features provided by the products out there as this gives the freedom to get your custom needs implemented and stay ahead in the competition.

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