Cloud Migration for ShipEasy’s SaaS application

Migration from AWS to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - case study


Cost Optimized

Transcloud partnered with ShipEasy, a logistics marketplace, to migrate its application stack from AWS to GCP. The goal is to achieve a significant cost reduction while ensuring optimal performance and scalability. Transcloud and ShipEasy’s decision to migrate the application stack from AWS to GCP proved to be a game-changer.

By embracing GCP’s cutting-edge technologies and reliable infrastructure, Transcloud and ShipEasy were able to streamline operations and improve the efficiency of logistics services. The seamless migration process from AWS to GCP allows Ship Easy to experience faster load times, increased data processing capabilities, and enhanced security measures. As a result, Transcloud was able to deliver a superior customer experience while staying ahead of competitors in the dynamic logistics industry. The strategic decision to leverage GCP’s platform has not only optimized their cloud resources but has also positioned them as industry leaders, ready to tackle any challenges that come their way

Industry: Logistics

Services: Cloud Migration, Application Development, Managed Service

ShipEasy faced the challenge of optimizing cloud expenditure on AWS without compromising application performance. Previous attempts to downgrade servers proved ineffective, highlighting the need for a more reliable and cost-effective cloud platform. With the continuous evolution of their marketplace, ShipEasy required a solution that would support future feature implementations while maintaining operational efficiency.

Transcloud leveraged its expertise in cloud migration and optimization to devise a comprehensive solution for ShipEasy. The key steps included:

Migration to GCP: Transcloud seamlessly migrated ShipEasy’s application stack to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Infrastructure Optimization: Transcloud right-sized VMs based on usage patterns, reducing infrastructure spending without compromising performance.

Data Management: All database servers were migrated to Cloud SQL, enhancing data management and reliability.

Scalability and Monitoring: Transcloud implemented scalable storage and processing solutions, coupled with centralized logging and monitoring, to ensure performance and reliability.

Security Measures: ShipEasy’s application was secured using Google Cloud’s VPC network and firewall, safeguarding against potential threats.

The collaborative effort between ShipEasy and Transcloud resulted in significant cost reduction, with cloud costs reduced by 45%. Furthermore, the migration to GCP provided ShipEasy with a more reliable and scalable infrastructure, enabling them to support their evolving marketplace with confidence. ShipEasy now benefits from optimized performance, enhanced scalability, and robust security measures, positioning them for continued growth and success in the logistics industry.

In conclusion, the successful collaboration between ShipEasy and Transcloud demonstrates the importance of strategic cloud migration and optimization in achieving cost savings and performance improvements. By leveraging the expertise of Transcloud and the capabilities of Google Cloud Platform, ShipEasy was able to overcome challenges, reduce costs, and enhance the reliability and scalability of their logistics marketplace. This case study underscores the value of proactive cloud management and strategic partnerships in driving business success in the digital era.

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