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As a certified Google Cloud Partner, Transcloud helps businesses harness the full potential of Google Cloud to drive digital transformation and achieve their strategic objectives.

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Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Cloud Security Posture Review

Ensure the utmost security for your Google Cloud environment with assistance from our team of Google Cloud experts. We conduct thorough reviews of your current configurations and platform controls, offering detailed recommendations and best practices to minimize risk and combat common threats effectively.

Comprehensive Review: Our experts meticulously analyze your existing configurations and platform controls to identify potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

Tailored Recommendations: Receive personalized recommendations and actionable insights to strengthen your security posture and mitigate risks effectively.

Best Practice Implementation: Implement industry-leading best practices to enhance your Google Cloud security, safeguarding your data and applications against evolving threats.

Secure Cloud Foundation

An enterprise-grade security solution to address the security needs starting from identity & access management, network security, DevSecOps, data protection, security monitoring, and much more. Making it easy for organizations to enable security and lowers the adoption cost. Prescriptive guidance aligned to Google Cloud Security best practices.

The foundation blueprint provides a baseline layer of resources and configurations that help enable all types of workloads on Google Cloud. Whether you’re migrating existing compute workloads to Google Cloud, building containerized web applications, or creating big data and machine learning workloads, the enterprise foundation blueprint helps you build your environment to support enterprise workloads at scale.

Security Command Center Implementation

Security Command Center, is a comprehensive solution for managing security and risk within Google Cloud. Unlike disparate products used in on-premises environments, Security Command Center offers a unified platform that seamlessly orchestrates various capabilities, making it your one-stop destination for security management.

Comprehensive Oversight: Gain full visibility into your Google Cloud security posture with built-in services tailored to your needs.

Simplified Monitoring: Enjoy continuous monitoring of your environment, allowing for the discovery of assets, identity misconfigurations, web app vulnerabilities, and threat detection in near real-time.

Enhanced Protection: Stay one step ahead of threats with proactive monitoring and rapid response capabilities, ensuring the security of your Google Cloud environment.

Application Security

Application Security


Safeguard your applications against cyber threats with our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services. As part of our comprehensive application security offerings, VAPT provides thorough assessments to identify vulnerabilities and assess potential risks.

Comprehensive Assessment: Our VAPT services include thorough vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to uncover potential security weaknesses within your applications.

Proactive Protection: Stay ahead of cyber threats by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Tailored Solutions: Receive customized recommendations and actionable insights to strengthen your application security posture and mitigate risks effectively.

Armor Network Security

Protect your applications from DDoS attacks and filter incoming requests with Cloud Armor(Web Application Firewall). With support for L7 parameters like request headers and cookies, along with preconfigured rules for common attacks, Cloud Armor offers comprehensive security.

Expanded Flexibility: Deploy Cloud Armor to protect your infrastructures on Google Cloud and in hybrid environments, including on-premises and other cloud providers.

CDN Origin Server Protection: Secure Cloud CDN origin servers from cache busting attacks and OWASP Top 10 threats with Cloud Armor.

Consistent Security Controls: Leverage Internet Network Endpoint Groups to enforce security controls across your deployments, whether migrating to Google Cloud or running in a hybrid configuration.

GKE Ingress Support: Ensure security for containerized workloads with Cloud Armor’s layer 7 filtering and WAF use cases behind Google’s global load balancers.

API Security

API Security

Ensure the security of your APIs with the APIGEE based Advanced API Security solution. Designed to provide continuous monitoring, it safeguards your APIs from various security threats, including attacks from malicious clients and abuse.

Continuous Monitoring: The solution continually analyzes your API traffic, identifying suspicious requests and potential threats in real-time.

Proactive Response: Take action against threats by blocking or flagging suspicious requests, giving you peace of mind and enhanced control over your API security.

Configuration Evaluation: Advanced API Security evaluates your API configurations, ensuring they adhere to security standards. Receive recommendations for improving configurations if needed, ensuring your APIs are always secure and compliant.

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