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Transcloud, a leading provider of cloud optimization and open-source solutions, partnered with epiFi Technologies, a key player in the FinTech industry, to reduce the cost incurred in the cloud and enhance the efficiency of their open-source issue tracking system. This collaboration aimed to address cost inefficiencies and modernization such as integrating the system seamlessly with Slack for enhanced collaboration and productivity and deployments to be streamlined through CI/CD release pipeline.

Client Background
epiFi Technologies is the brainchild behind “Fi Money,” India’s pioneering neo bank designed for salaried millennials. With cutting-edge features such as the intelligent assistant #AskFi, Stash, and FiT rules, Fi Money redefines personal finance management. However, their reliance on Google’s Monorail, an open-source issue tracking system deployed on Google Cloud, posed challenges in cost optimization and integration with other collaboration tools, etc.,

Challenges Faced
Despite the innovative features offered by Fi Money, epiFi Technologies encountered hurdles in optimizing the cost of their cloud infrastructure. The existing setup lacked efficiency, leading to unnecessary expenditure. Moreover, the inability to integrate with third party softwares like Slack, hindered seamless communication and collaboration among teams, impacting productivity.

Reduce cloud infrastructure costs without compromising user experience or system performance. Enhance collaboration and productivity by integrating Monorail with Slack for real-time issue notifications and updates. Streamline deployment through CI/CD pipeline automation.

Transcloud commenced by conducting a comprehensive analysis of epiFi Technologies’ existing infrastructure, focusing on system configurations, logs, and performance metrics. Leveraging the expertise, Transcloud identified areas for improvement and formulated a strategy to optimize the system and enhance collaboration capabilities.

Transcloud initiated the optimization process by establishing a parallel setup to test proposed changes and configurations. Through meticulous testing and refinement, the system is migrated with the refinements which resulted in reduced latency and improved system responsiveness. Additionally, Transcloud standardized the deployment process using Jenkins and Cloud Build, streamlining future deployments and ensuring consistency across environments. Furthermore, the team extended Monorail’s functionality to integrate seamlessly with Slack, enabling real-time notifications and updates for issue tracking, through leveraging auto-scalable components in the cloud.

The collaboration between Transcloud and epiFi Technologies yielded significant results. Within a span of two weeks, epiFi Technologies achieved a 20% reduction in cloud infrastructure costs. The optimized system exhibited improved performance, reduced latency, and enhanced collaboration capabilities. The integration of Monorail with Slack facilitated real-time communication and issue resolution, leading to increased productivity and efficiency across teams.

In conclusion, the partnership between Transcloud and epiFi Technologies exemplifies the power of strategic collaboration in driving innovation and efficiency. By addressing cost inefficiencies and enhancing collaboration capabilities, epiFi Technologies is well-positioned to continue delivering cutting-edge financial solutions and redefining the FinTech landscape in India.

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