Modernizing and Migrating SaaS Product to Google Cloud

Modernizing and migrating SaaS products to GCP - case study


Reduced Latency


Cost Optimized


System performance

Agrya, a FinTech organization specializing in vCFO, accounting hub, and business support services, engaged Transcloud to modernize and migrate their SaaS product, ActionBoard, to Google Cloud. This transformation aimed to enhance performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Industry: FinTech, SaaS

Services: Application Modernization, Heroku Migration, CI/CD

Agrya’s SaaS product, ActionBoard, facilitates financial reporting, receivables management, and cash flow monitoring. As the application evolved to meet diverse user needs, scalability became a concern on Heroku. Additionally, Heroku lacked native support for analytics workloads and centralized monitoring, prompting Agrya to explore serverless solutions on Google Cloud.

Agrya sought to migrate from Heroku to Google Cloud’s serverless services like App Engine and Cloud Run to improve performance and reduce operational overhead. The objective was to provide a scalable architecture that caters to evolving product demands.

Achieved 5x reduction in latency, enhancing user experience.|
Increased database IO operations by 15x, improving system responsiveness.
Reduced cloud costs by up to 20%, optimizing resource utilization.
Enabled single-window monitoring of cloud services, empowering developers with enhanced visibility.

Technical Excellence
Transcloud conducted a comprehensive analysis of ActionBoard’s components to determine the base infrastructure requirements. They migrated the database from Heroku to Google Cloud’s managed Cloud SQL and modernized the application on Cloud Run and App Engine. Standardized development and production environments were provisioned, incorporating autoscaling and multi-regional approaches. CD pipelines were established for seamless release automation, while single-window monitoring enabled proactive issue resolution.

By migrating to Google Cloud’s serverless offerings and adopting managed services, Agrya achieved significant improvements in performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency. The collaboration with Transcloud underscores the value of leveraging cloud-native solutions to meet evolving business needs and deliver superior user experiences.

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