Data Engineering & Analytics

Leverage the power of cloud-native data engineering and analytics solutions

Cloud Migration

Migrate and adopt the Google Cloud Platform in the right way with the industries’ best practices

Application Modernization

Adopt the new-age technologies to stay efficient in the ever-evolving cloud platforms

Advanced Cloud Solutions

Some businesses require highly optimized, complex and new-age solutions in the cloud

DevOps as a Service

Make your release cycles error-free and speed them up by adopting the right tools to automate the operations

MLOps as a Service

Build a robust automated process around the ML lifecycle and increase the credibility

Managed Services

While you improve your product/application features, we take care of all your Day-2 operations

Cloud Optimization

Optimization requires the understanding of the nuances and we are equipped to solve this for you

Google Cloud Training

Comprehensive customized training for your team to get them ready to solve with Google Cloud