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Cloud Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure services empowers organizations to scale rapidly, leveraging on-demand infrastructure provisioning to meet all IT infrastructure requirements necessary for executing your business ideas.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

  • Cloud Migration
  • Kubernetes
  • Hybrid / Multi-cloud
  • HPC / HTC
  • Terraform for Infrastructure

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Experience a seamless transition to Cloud with our expert services tailored to your business needs. As a certified professional team, we offer unrivaled technical expertise and a process-driven approach to ensure optimum results. From proof of concept to post-migration support, our comprehensive services cover every aspect of your migration journey.

“Efficiently executed migrations generate momentum similar to a flywheel effect.”

Our Methodology

1. Preparation & Planning

We conduct a comprehensive assessment and discovery of your current environment. This process entails understanding your application and environment inventory, identifying dependencies and requirements, conducting thorough total cost of ownership calculations, and establishing benchmarks for application performance. Our meticulous approach ensures that your transition to optimal solutions is seamless and efficient. This sets a foundation and plan by identifying and prioritizing workloads to migrate.

2. Migrate & Validate

We’ll craft the foundational cloud infrastructure for your workloads, meticulously planning your application migration every step of the way. From identity management to organizing project structures and optimizing networking, we ensure a smooth transition. Our team sorts through your applications and develops a prioritized migration strategy tailored to your needs. With precision, we design, implement, and execute a seamless deployment process to transition your workloads to the cloud, followed by validation and sunset legacy workloads.

3. Optimize & Operate

Unlock the full potential of your business with cloud-optimized technologies and capabilities in this phase. Enhance performance, scalability, disaster recovery, and cost-efficiency while also exploring opportunities for training and integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into your application. Seize the opportunity to expand your business’s horizons and drive growth.

4. Opportunity Evaluation

As the workloads are optimized and fully functional in the cloud at this phase, it is right time to quantify the business case and drive stakeholder alignment towards the further iterations of the migrations, starting from the preparation to planning to migrate and operate.

Our comprehensive approach towards the migration, helps in finding the most optimum type of migration based on the criticality, customer needs, and the complexity involves in terms of dependencies and implementation details.

Rehost: lift and shift

Lift and shift migration, involves seamlessly transferring an application or workload from its current environment, such as an on-premises data center or another cloud platform, to a public cloud, with minimal modifications. This approach prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, aiming to replicate the existing setup in the new environment. Despite its straightforward nature, lift and shift migrations may not fully leverage the capabilities and optimizations of the target cloud environment such as horizontal scalability, fine-grained pricing, and highly managed services.

Replatform: lift and optimize

Replatform migration involves lifting existing workloads and fine-tuning them for optimal performance in the new cloud environment. This approach is ideal for organizations aiming to leverage the full spectrum of cloud capabilities, such as elastic computing, enhanced redundancy, improved performance, and heightened security.

Refactor: move and improve

Refactor migration involves enhancing workloads to capitalize on cloud capabilities rather than simply adapting them to the new environment. This approach allows for improvements in performance, functionality, cost-efficiency, and user experience. Workloads can be modified during the migration process or beforehand to fully leverage cloud capabilities.

Re-architect: continue to modernize

Re-architect migration slightly differ from refactor migrations. However, rather than solely restructuring workload code, re-architect migrations transform how that code operates. These modifications optimize workloads to harness cloud-optimized features like scalability, security, and agility. For instance, a re-architect migration might involve breaking down a large, monolithic workload into multiple independent microservices deployed on cloud platforms.



Proven Expertise in Kubernetes adoption

Our process-driven approach guarantees transparency and validation, distinguishing us as leaders in efficient and reliable Kubernetes deployments. We deliver substantial value globally, selectively engaging in projects to ensure impactful results.

Kubernetes Implementation Services

With extensive experience, we understand the complexities involved in deploying Kubernetes for production. Our Kubernetes consultancy team ensures a seamless deployment experience, guiding you from strategy to design to implementation in the cloud.

Deploying production-ready Kubernetes clusters in the cloud environments, following expertly crafted roadmaps and best practices recommended.

Facilitating the provisioning of highly available clusters that support auto-healing and scalability to meet evolving demands.

Integrating essential applications, implementing necessary security measures, and establishing access policies for enhanced security.

Kubernetes-based Application Development & Migration

Whether you’re venturing into new app development or transitioning from monolithic structures to agile microservices, our specialized services are tailored to your needs. We excel in breaking down legacy systems into containerized workloads primed for Kubernetes deployment.

Seamlessly craft Kubernetes-ready applications from the ground up, perfect for organizations undergoing comprehensive IT transformations.

› Transform complex monolithic architectures into adaptable microservices, enhancing scalability and agility.

Benefit from centralized management of all Kubernetes clusters across diverse environments, simplifying multicluster operations.

Partner with us to optimize your Kubernetes journey and unlock new possibilities for your applications.

Hybrid / Multi-cloud

Hybrid / Multi-cloud

Multi-cloud and Hybrid solutions offer unparalleled flexibility and resilience in today’s dynamic digital landscape. By leveraging multiple cloud providers, organizations can mitigate risks associated with vendor lock-in, optimize performance across diverse geographical regions, and capitalize on specialized services tailored to your unique needs.

Kubernetes for Enterprise

As organizations adopt cloud-native technologies like containers, container orchestration, and service meshes, the need for multiple clusters becomes evident. Whether it’s separating production from non-production environments, adhering to regulatory restrictions, or streamlining service deployment across teams or locales, the benefits are clear.

With our specialized multi-cluster service, we simplify the complexities of managing multiple clusters across various environments. Whether you’re running workloads in your data centers, factory floors, remote stores, or other public clouds, we provide a unified platform for configuration, security, monitoring, and optimization. Say goodbye to manual configuration risks and operational toil – our solution ensures consistency, security, and efficiency across all your clusters, wherever they may be.

Multi-cloud Analytics

With the streamlined multi-cloud data tool, BigQuery Omni. With our service, you can analyze data seamlessly without the added complexities of decentralized data governance.

With BigQuery Omni: the unified interface eliminates the frictions associated with disparate data sources, providing you with a single platform to analyze and derive insights from data across multiple public clouds. Experience the power of unified data analysis with our team helping in implementation of BigQuery Omni as part of your multi-cloud strategy with all the security controls and management in place.

Distributed Workload

With our team to streamline workload distribution, enabling you to focus on core business activities while we handle the complexities of managing distributed workloads. Experience enhanced scalability, reliability, and efficiency. For some of the niche enterprise workloads, it is required to leverage multiple environments for optimal performance and resource utilization.




High Performance Computing

Unlock the potential of your technical computing applications with our High-Performance Computing (HPC) architectures on Google Cloud. Designed to meet the demands of large-scale workloads, our flexible and scalable design ensure optimal performance for even the most demanding tasks. Whether it is molecular dynamics, sequencing, drug discovery, simulations, complex forecasting, etc., we have proven ability to architect them in the cloud.

HPC cater to a variety of workloads,

Concurrent Jobs: Running tasks concurrently, leveraging parallel algorithms to efficiently process data across multiple compute nodes.
Complex Job Dependencies: Manage complex sets of tasks with inter-task dependencies, ensuring tasks are executed in the correct order to meet your application’s requirements.
Custom Hardware Configurations: Tailor your compute environment with specific hardware configurations, such as extra memory, GPUs, or other specialized resources, to optimize performance and meet the unique needs of your application.

High Throughput Architecture

Our architects have proven capability to help you run your workload distributed across multiple Google Cloud zones or regions, it optimizes resource allocation for high-throughput workloads. It is ideal for hybrid scenarios as well, seamlessly managing tasks across on-premises and the cloud. While its focus lies on high-throughput jobs, it’s versatility ensures optimal performance across a wide range of computing tasks.

Experience unparalleled performance and scalability with our HPC solutions on Google Cloud. Partner with us to elevate your technical computing capabilities and drive innovation in your organization.

Terraform for Infrastructure

Terraform for Infrastructure

Transcloud’s cutting-edge Terraform Infrastructure as Code (IaC) services align seamlessly with DevOps principles, empowering enterprises to navigate the cloud transformation journey with ease, guided by a team of certified architects committed to excellence.

Empower your infrastructure with Terraform, the leading Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution, with guidance from our seasoned Terraform experts. Our comprehensive services include:

Infrastructure Provisioning: Leverage the capabilities of Terraform’s HCL(or JSON) to provision new infrastructure seamlessly.

Source Code Integration: Import existing infrastructure into your source code repository, ensuring greater control and visibility over your environment.

Infrastructure Management: Trust our HashiCorp Terraform experts to manage updates to your infrastructure by updating the HCL code, ensuring your environment remains up-to-date and optimized.

Automation Solutions: Automate your diverse infrastructure needs with Terraform, optimizing performance and cost efficiency for your organization.

Experience agile resource scaling, policy-driven compliance, efficient cost management, code-centric collaboration, rapid environment reproducibility, and error reduction with Transcloud’s IaC services. With dynamic resource allocation, policy-driven compliance, and code-defined configurations, organizations optimize performance, security, and cost efficiency on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Partner with us for expert Terraform consultation and implementation services, tailored to meet your unique infrastructure requirements. Experience the ease and efficiency of Terraform with our guidance.

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